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    Quartz stone maintenance:

      Though the quartz stone a professional top with other materials can not match the comprehensive advantages, but still have to pay attention when using the following matters, to avoid improper use caused damage to the tops.

      1. The sharp weapon may be the top surface and the material itself cause harm. Quartz stone is a high-density, high hardness composite materials with high impact scratch ability, under normal use will not be scratched or worn, but to avoid the use of ultra-high hardness powerful tool for scratching the tops.

      2. Local overheating on the tops at high temperatures will break the surface and internal material.

    The surface of quartz stone is very good heat resistance, in generally will not be heat burns arising from hot coke discoloration, distortion, depression, or burst, etc. But the material has a thermal expansion and contraction of the physical characteristics, heat will change the internal of materials molecular structure, so, in using the process should avoid placing hot objects directly on the table or let the table a part of a long time, repeated, subject to the impact of high temperature.

      3. Heavy shock may break the tops. Though the quartz stone containing material toughness of  the composite materials to improve agent,the thickness is 15mm, has a resistance of high mpact, but still to avoid the tops heavy hitted, frequent percussion table or gravity of the vacant sites of oppression the tops etc, otherwise it will make the tops cracking or broken.

      4. The tops under strong ultraviolet radiation will affect the surface gloss, easy to aging. Also long time exposure will lead to partial table of local color.

      5. Keep the tops clean and dry. Though the quartz stone has a strong anti-permeability to the stain, but long-time stay not only affects the gloss of surface ,but also cause erosion on the tops. If make erosion, can use low concentration of oxalic acid in water or cleaning solution.

     If the cleaning table to use when cleaning agent concentration is too high, please make a final cleaning with water.


Common artificial stone maintenance:

1. Do not place hot objects on the tops long time.

Though the Sunmoon collection products have excellent performance of resistance to high temperature, but still should avoid high-temperature heat directly touch with the tops,like as electric heater, pressure cookers, kettles, or the oven that just out of the cooker or microwave, etc. And, cold and hot temper-atures changed frequently will also break the tops due to thermal expansion and contraction . Should use the insulation pads placed for processing.

2. Do not use the tops as a chopping board, to avoid sharps to break the tops. 

Should not chopping directly on the Sunmoon artificial stone countertop, that will leave scratches or blunt instrument not pretty mouth on the surface. Should to avoided knives or other sharps to break the tops. If there is a slight scratch, using coarse sandpaper to scratches, then wet milling followed by 240#úČ400#úČ600#úČ1000# sandpaper ,and sprayed with a soft cloth to polish and clean.

3. Keep the tops clean and dry.

There is much bleaching agent and scale in the water, if it keep on  the tops long time will become to stubborn dirt. Traces of oil or other dirt may corrosion the tops  as well. So that should to clean the surface on time and keep dry.

4. Keep out and stop erosioning with ultraviolet radiation or chemicals on the tops long time.

In daily, should keep out too much sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation recurrent or prolonged nature on  the tops , to avoid accelerated aging the surface. Should also keep the potent chemicals not touch  directly to the tops, to avoid corrosion. If the tops touch to chemicals should cleaning solution and  wash with soapy water immediately.